About the Common Beans Observatory

The Common beans observatory is an initiative led byThe Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) with support from Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA), to establish an information system that provides indicators related to the global bean production context. It includes data related to the bean context in each country, production system information, trade and competitiveness information, bean consumption data, inventory of technologies related to the crop, recent news, and will present data on seed systems, varieties and socioeconomics collected by PABRA in a dynamic and interactive way for the benefit of key players in the bean sector.

The information displayed on the platform is built based on data provided through open-access primary and secondary information sources from different national and international organizations, which is why we highlight the importance and contribution of these organizations.

FAE is part of the Performance, Innovation and Strategic Analysis for Impact (PISA4Impact), a multidisciplinary team composed mainly by economists, sociologists and data experts conducting demand-driven socioeconomic research and policy analysis for impact, with a focus on synergies and tradeoffs in the agrifood enabling environment. We work to generate research-based evidence on topics such as markets and nutrition; genetic resources, agriculture, and livestock; climate change and environmental risks; and agri-food policies. We provide expertise to a variety of stakeholders in the research-for-development project life cycle in order to enhance resource mobilization, accountability, and progress towards the SDGs.

PABRA generates and disseminates knowledge, technologies and innovations through partnerships that contribute to bean competitiveness and sustainability. It works with more than 350 partners and members in more than 30 countries.


Thanks to all our colleagues in the Alliance Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), PABRA, and collaborating institutions for data sharing. Visuals and data from Common Bean Observatory may be used as long as a link to https://www.commonbeanobservatory.org is provided together with the following citation:

Common Bean Observatory: Monitoring Open Access data for the Bean Sector. Version Beta. Andrade, R.; Garcia, C.; Garcia, J.; Hoyos, N.; Katungi, E.; Mwanzia, L.; Nyakundi, F.; Rivera, T.; Rubyogo, J.C.; Urioste, S. Alliance Bioversity-CIAT, 2022.

*Authors in alphabetical order